Youth Leaders

Who leads Southlands Youth?
Southlands Youth is a team led ministry that is overseen by the youth directors Ryan and Stacie MacDonald. They lead a team of over 15 passionate and faithful youth workers who invest in our amazing youth. More specifically, Kyler and Emily McFarland lead Lights and Ryan and Stacie lead Mesa.

What is the role of a youth worker?
Youth workers exist to support and love our youth through the process of mentorship and acceptance. They are present at all of our calendared youth events (youth group, beach days, etc.) and often spend time with youth outside of scheduled meetings by have them in their homes, showing up games and performances and overseeing small group hangouts.

How are youth workers trained?
Youth workers are trained through various leadership and personal development forums. Youth workers attend four trainings per year in addition to a yearly weekend retreat in Lake Arrowhead.

What should I do if I want to volunteer as a youth worker?
Contact us! If you are over 18 and are interested in being apart of a Southlands Youth leadership team, email Ryan at ryan@southlands.net to set up a time to meet and tell us more about your passion for youth ministry.

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