What is the Manna Grant?

  • Grants valuing $5,000-$10,000  for Bible-based, Christ-Centered, disciple-making churches (regardless of denomination).
  • The purpose of these funds is to propel churches forward into new and existing endeavors of Mercy and Justice Ministry.
  • A tool through which we seek to mutually encourage local, recent church plants and small churches to greater strength, unity, and awareness, and look to one another for accountability, dependence and equipping as we see the local churches reach further into Southern California for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Why the Manna Grant?

    • We believe that the local church is the vehicle for the transmission of the gospel of Jesus Christ into each community. 
    • This belief has led us to plant seventeen churches in the last twenty-one years.  Through our experiences, we are very familiar with and empathetic to the challenges that smaller churches and church plants face.
  • Through the Manna Grant, we have a desire to come alongside local churches and assist in the challenges they face financially in order to see the Gospel effectively spread in Southern California.
  • We see a biblical example for cooperation between the churches in Corinth and Jerusalem. This led to the following:  strength amongst the local churches, unity as they suffered and rejoiced together, awareness of one another’s struggles, triumphs and characteristics, mutual accountability, dependence upon God in the form of other churches for wisdom and provision, and equipping through Paul’s encouragement and writings.

Manna Grant Details:

With this cooperation in mind amongst smaller Southern California churches, it is our desire to provide ten grants ranging from $5,000-$10,000 in 2020.  Regardless of denomination, these grants will specifically go to Bible-based, Christ-centered, disciple-making churches.  The purpose of these funds is not to provide funding for day to day operations, but rather to propel churches forward into new and existing endeavors of Mercy and Justice Ministry.   

These grants are specifically for churches that have been planted in the last five years or average fewer than 200 in attendance.  Grant recipients are not required to reimburse these funds.  Further, there is no pressure to join any formal network of churches or denomination by becoming a recipient of this grant. To compliment this grant, Southlands will provide a once per month leadership training from February-November for all recipients in which participants are further equipped and have the opportunity to build community with fellow church planters and leaders.  Recipients will receive half of the grant funds up front and the other half midway through the year as mercy and justice endeavors proceed. 

2019 Manna Grant Recipients:

  • Declaration Church, Bell
  • Disciple Church of Whittier, Whittier
  • Fuse Church, Riverside
  • Inland Hills Church, Anaheim
  • Lenwood Community Church, Barstow
  • Orphan City Church, Boyle Heights
  • Radiance Church, Koreatown
  • Reformed Church of Los Angeles, Lynwood
  • Rise Church, La Habra
  • Silverlake Community Church, Silverlake
  • The Calling Church, Pasadena
  • Thrive LA Church, Silverlake

***Please note that the Mercy and Justice Initiatives for each church will be updated throughout the year and as each church progresses in their endeavors.