It is our desire for Southlands Church to be welcoming and accessible for all people. We believe everyone is a child of God and our goal is to identify and break down any barriers that keep people with disabilities and their families from being able to fully participate in this church body.

What is Access Ministry? Access Ministry is a buddy system within our Children’s Ministry for the kids in our church that may need some extra assistance to thrive in Children’s Ministry. It is our goal to keep the kids in Access Ministry as involved with their age group as possible, while keeping them safe and teaching them about God. All volunteers are trained in how to work with a variety of disabilities and behaviors and there is a special sensory classroom for the kids that need a break from their typical class. A buddy helps ensure kids are safe, have fun, and learn about God, regardless of ability levels. You can access the Parent Questionnaire to set your child up with a buddy or the Volunteer Application if you would like to volunteer. Please feel free to contact Emma Leever with any questions.


Access Events

Respite Day

Respite Day is three hours of no-cost childcare for families with kids with disabilities and foster families. We recognize that there are unique challenges to everyday life for these families and it is our desire to serve you on a greater level outside of Sunday mornings. The day consists of games, crafts, bouncy houses, and lots of other fun. Our team is a combination of highly trained professionals (nurses, social workers, special education teachers, etc.) and volunteers from the church that have been trained through Access Ministry. You do not need to attend Southlands to attend Respite Day.

Respite Day RSVP

If you have attended a Respite Day in the past, please RSVP here for our next Respite Day.

If this is your first Respite Day with us, please RSVP as well as take a few minutes to fill out this questionnaire so we know how to best serve your family.


If you would like to volunteer to serve at Respite Day, please RSVP here.
If you would like to volunteer to serve on Sunday Mornings, please fill out an application here.

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