Thrive Mentee App. Spring ’24

Thrive Mentor App. Spring ’24

Thrive Mentoring for Young Adults: 

A life-to-life transfer of godly wisdom and character, in order to become more like Christ.

Jesus trained his disciples by spending time with them, eating with them, answering their questions, telling stories, challenging them, and helping them to understand the Father’s purposes and ways.

Our gospel-centered approach means that we trust and rely on the finished work of Christ on the cross rather than the effort of man. We recognize the biblical emphasis of both growth by grace through faith and growth through personal effort—working out our faith with fear and trembling because it is God who is at work in us (Phil. 2:12-13).

Thrive’s program provides five months of one-on-one mentorship within the Southlands community. We aim to create a framework that provides structure yet promotes flexibility, catered to the individual growth needs of the mentee. Partnerships are arranged based upon complementary personalities, skills, experiences, and needs. The formal partnership is temporary, lasting five months, but can continue informally after the term ends.

Role of a Mentor

A mentor is a wise and trusted follower of Jesus Christ, well-respected in his/her sphere of influence. The mentor comes alongside the mentee in love, to listen, encourage, instruct, correct and inspire. Mentors help mentees to take on life’s issues and challenges while guiding them toward their goals and dreams.

Role of a Mentee

The mentee is eager to enter into a mentoring relationship and is willing to learn from the mentor. Mentees identify their personal development goals, ask for suggestions, listen to advice, apply learning and report outcomes. The mentee drives the relationship, which means initiating and managing much of the relationship, including scheduling meetings and evaluating progress.


  • Commitment to a 4 month term.
  • Attendance at the Thrive training session.
  • Meetings with your Thrive partner every two weeks (or 3 hours minimum per month).
  • Dedication, dependability, and trustworthiness.

You are Eligible for Thrive if You Are:

  • A member of the Southlands community, as indicated by completion of Committing to Community.
  • Part of a life group at Southlands.
  • Serving in one of the ministries at Southlands.


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