Every facet of our women’s ministry is initiated in response to Southland’s pursuit to be a Gospel-centered, Spirit-led community on mission. We have aimed to provide a variety of forums for women that center around the life changing implications of the gospel.

We as women want to understand the gospel and how it continues to shape us, so we have various small groups and book clubs that offer opportunities for intentional discipleship. We also have tried to allow the leading of the Holy Spirit to shape every forum, be it a prayer group, a night of worship, a discipleship group or a coffee night.

We are always expecting the Holy Spirit to be present and leading. Southlands is a close but not a closed family, so we love to provide opportunities for women to know and become known by this community. And finally, we have no greater joy than seeing women empowered on mission.

We believe that we are on mission here at home as much as any missionary in a faraway land. So, we have tried even in our community building events to be mindful of our mission as disciples of Christ to live for the benefit of others.





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