Ruth and Philemon

The Redeemer’s Community – May 31, 2015 9AM

Building a Marriage like Boaz and Ruth – May 31, 2015 11AM

Ruth 4: 13-22

The continuing and stunning beauty of God’s redemption culminates in this scripture. When Naomi initially returned to Bethlehem she called named herself bitter. At this point of the scripture she is a content grandmother caring for her grandson, Obed.  Not only did Obed provide a next of kin to continue the family line, but he would be the grandfather of David and in the line of Jesus. God accomplished this powerful redemption through the sovereign work of God and also through the common and ordinary kindness of a redemptive community.

1. Why does Naomi need a redeemer? How does God redeem Naomi?

2. Why do we need a redeemer? How does God redeem us?

3.  Naomi’s redemption came largely through human kindness and generosity. Name an example of when someone brought redemption to some area of your life through kindness or generosity.

4. Ruth sacrificially gives her son to Naomi so that she can care for him. In what ways do you feel prompted to give a valuable possession or relationship away for the good of someone else?

5. Jesus was in the same line of Naomi and Ruth, which was unbeknownst to them during their lifetimes. How does this book shift your thinking about God’s redemptive work in your life and in the life of others?

Ruth and Philemon

A Trustworthy Redeemer – Frow – May 24, 2015 9AM

A Trustworthy Redeemer – Nethers – May 24, 2015 11AM

In this passage we see Boaz going to the town elders to settle the matter of who would redeem Naomi and Ruth. Both Naomi and Ruth are forced to wait as the elders make decisions about their futures. The primary kinsman-redeemer was not willing to redeem Naomi and Ruth because of how it would affect him, but Boaz willingly and generously redeems them. In this book, we see Boaz as a metaphor of Christ and Ruth and Naomi are metaphors for us. From this scripture, we can learn about Christ’s character and how we can respond to Him in a way that is for our good and for His glory.

1. Family Question: In Chapter 3, Boaz promised that Ruth and Naomi would be redeemed. What promises did God make to us in the Old Testament?

2. Family Question: How did Jesus fulfill those promises?

3. When we don’t trust God’s goodness or promises, we often try to take control. Discuss a time when you took matters into your own hands. What was the result and what lessons did you learn?

4. In what area/s of your life do you feel like God is prompting you to yield complete control to Him?

Ruth and Philemon

Waiting – May 17, 2015

The Book of Ruth is a story of kindness. We see Ruth, Naomi & Boaz displaying loving and sacrificial kindness towards one another. Boaz protects Ruth, provides for her and is generous towards her. That kindness extended to Naomi as well. In this passage, we also see Ruth waiting while her future is being decided. Through this text we can learn about why God has us wait and how we can wait in a way to glorify God.

1. Family Question: Ruth shows great faith as she boldly requests Boaz to be the kinsman redeemer, even though it wasn’t her right. How can we make bold requests of faith to God even when we don’t deserve it?

2. Family Question: How does Boaz resemble Christ in the story of Ruth?

3. Boaz was captivated with Ruth and willingly redeemed her. Boaz is a picture of Christ who is captivated by us and willing redeemed us. How does this truth change how you view Christ and how you respond to Him?

4. Before Boaz goes to the city elders, Ruth is forced to wait. What can we learn from Ruth about how to wait in a way to glorify God?

Ruth and Philemon

Redeeming Community: An Introduction – April 12, 2015

Ruth 1:1-18

There is a curious connection between these two books of Ruth and Philemon,isn’t there? I might be wrong, but I doubt they have ever been preached together in the same series. What caused the connection in my mind, you may ask? Well, It’s the Gospel theme of Redemption. Ruth, the widow is redeemed by Boaz, her kinsman redeemer. It’s really a love story but with great Gospel truth about the way Jesus redeems us, and the way we are called to walk with each other redemptively. Philemon the one chapter letter from Paul to his friend is about a slave called Onesimus. He is a slave who has stolen from his master, Philemon. Paul writes to say that he will pay all of Onesimus’s debt – there’s the redemption – and asks not just that he will receive him back as a servant, but that he will receive him back as a brother in Christ. He not only redeems Onesimus he aims for his full restoration. This is a picture of what God plans to do for everyone. Redemption and restoration, and he desires communities that will sacrifice to see it happen.

1. Talk about a time of when you did something that wasn’t right that didn’t end well. What can you learn from that?

2. What can we learn from Naomi and Ruth about how to love and sacrifice for your friends that don’t know Jesus?

3. The book of Ruth was set in days the judges ruled, where people did what was right in their own eyes and there was famine in the land. Discuss a time when you did what was right in your own eyes and it resulted in a famine.

4. Naomi models love and sacrifice towards her two daughters-in-law in how she prioritizes their needs above her own and lovingly releases them. Think of a way you can apply Naomi’s love towards her daughters-in-law towards someone that is not yet a believer.

5. Ruth clung to Naomi and demanded that she would return to Israel with her. Ruth’s decision was highly costly because she willingly became a foreigner, outcast and breadwinner. What lessons about Ruth’s covenantal love can we apply to our relationships within the church?


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