Terry Virgo: Spirit-Filled Church



We are very pleased to be hosting Terry Virgo again in October this year, after the powerful impact of his ministry at Urban Renewal last year. With the launch of Southlands Fullerton in the Fall, we’ve felt it wise, rather than host a full-scale Urban Renewal Conference, to host a ministry time with Terry called “The Spirit-Filled Church,” which is also the title of his most recent book. We have seen many churches strengthened and encouraged by Terry’s wise and sane pursuit of the ministry of the Holy Spirit. It has been immensely beneficial to us at Southlands too, and we would love for you to experience similar encouragement.

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Terry has a unique background, having been trained under Martin Lloyd-Jones, Britain’s renowned Reformed preacher who began to discover a fresh empowering of the Holy Spirit towards the end of his ministry. Taking his cue from Lloyd-Jones, Terry’s commitment to the authority of Scripture, his passion for the Gospel, and hunger for the power of the Spirit has been a mark of his ministry for over 40 years. He is the founder of Newfrontiers, a worldwide family of churches comprising nearly 1,000 churches across 70 countries.  A well-known Bible teacher, Terry speaks at conferences internationally and hosted the annual Together on a Mission conference in the UK, which drew thousands of delegates from around the world.Terry has written several books, including The Spirit Filled ChurchGod’s Lavish GraceGod Knows You’re Human, The Tide is Turning and No Well-Worn Paths which is his biography.

We want to serve as many churches in the USA as possible, by hosting “The Spirit-Filled Church” conference at no entrance fee.  However, we would like a sense of who is planning to come, so that we can organize seating, refreshments and child care appropriately.

Dates: October 3rd – October 5th

Thursday, October 3rd, 7pm – “Expectation of the Spirit”

Friday, October 4th, 9-11am – Church Leadership Coffee – Frow Residence

Friday, October 4th, 7pm – “The Power of the Spirit”

Saturday, October 5th, 9am-12pm – “Apostles, Prophets and the Church”