If you’ve received a water bottle from Southlands Church, then we’re glad to meet you!  This summer we are handing out bottles of water because it gets hot and we get thirsty, so we hope you enjoy it.  But we also hope that we can offer you an opportunity to quench that thirst of life.  You may be a skeptic, a  seeker, a Christian, a Muslim or an athiest, but we invite you to join our community as we explore what Jesus calls the “living water” he offers.


Many of us have come to realize nothing quite addresses that deeper need for meaning, satisfaction, fulfillment and understanding in life.  So we offer a place where people can meet people, ask questions and find their way on their own faith journey.  Answers don’t come easy, but we’re all in the same boat, trying to quench that thirst that keeps us searching.  We welcome you to join us in that search.

Sundays @ 9 & 11am in Brea

Sundays @ 9:30am in Fullerton



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