Joel Baker // Ephesians 2 // September 24

  1. Ephesians 2 tells us that we are no longer dead in our sins and trespasses if we have chosen to follow Jesus. What is one area of sin that God has freed you from?
  2. How does the truth that we cannot earn salvation or the approval of God cause you to rejoice in the good news of God’s grace and challenge you in your efforts to do it on your own?
  3. What is one good work that you feel that God is calling to to step into in this season?

Alan Frow //September 7th // Ephesians 1:15-23

I am Enlightened
1. Before the apostle Paul petitions God on the Ephesian’s behalf, he tells them that he is unceasingly thankful to God for their faith and love for the saints. He is thanking God for his faithfulness to them, and thanking them for their faithfulness to God. As you begin, spend some time telling people in the room what you are thankful for about them.
2. Paul asks that the Spirit would open the eyes of their hearts that they may know God better. This knowing is when experience of God is added to knowledge about God. Tell of a moment in your life during which knowing about God became knowing God.
3. He also prays that they may know God’s glorious inheritance in the saints.why does Paul call people saints if they still sin? Why is it beneficial for us to pursue community with saints who are different from us?
4. Finally, Paul pray that our eyes would be open to the immeasurably great power for us who believe . Read the last three verses of the passage and talk about how this changes the way in which we pray if we are in Christ who is far above all rule and authority? Spend some time praying God-sized prayers!


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