March 19th// Alan Frow// Genesis 20 

“There is no Fear of God in this Place.”

1. Ironically, while Abraham lied about his wife because of an assumption that there was no fear of God in Gerar, the Philistine king seemed to fear God more than Abraham. Look at the passage and discuss how the people of God lose their fear of God?

2.The King’s fear of God caused him to act in integrity. Abraham,’s lack of fear of God caused hypocrisy. Talk about a time when you have caused others harm because of hypocrisy.

3.When we fear man more than we fear God, we tend to want to blend in/assimilate with our culture so as not to rock the boat. Talk about a time where you have been tempted to assimilate.

4. While this is a sobering passage it shines with grace. Despite his hypocrisy, the king gives Abraham wealth and permanent residency. God insists that Abraham is a prophet and calls him to pray for the king’s family, whom God heals. Talk about how the gospel gives us an identity that does not change even when we do not live up to it. Pray for one another, that we would be secure in our gospel identity and live up to it.

March 12th// Ryan McDonald// Genesis 19

1.What kind of emotions come up for you when you talk about the judgment of God?

2.We live in a very judgmental culture. What are some of the differences between God‘s judgment and the judgments of the world?

3.God calls us to keep the way of the Lord by practicing justice and righteousness. What are some ways that you and your family can show compassion to the poor?

March 5th //Erik Santiago //John 10 :11-18

1. What stood out to you most about from Erik’s sermon

2. Jesus is the Good Shepherd, how has He been good in your life?

3. Jesus is a shepherd, in your own words, describe what that means to you as one of his sheep?

4. Jesus is also a sheep, the lamb of God. Describe what that means to you and how that truth brings you peace?

February 19th // Alan Frow // Genesis 16

Sermon questions Freed by The God who sees.

  1. When we take action believing God is inactive, we cause ourselves and others much pain. Tell of a time when you have done this.
  2. When we realize God sees us in our suffering, we are freed to be obedient in less than ideal circumstances. Tell of a time when you have felt seen by God. What fruit did it produce in your life?
  3. True freedom is not achieved, but received buy grace. What new identity has God given you that you need to live in?

February 12th// Ryan MacDonald// Genesis 15

  1. How honest are your prayers with God?
  2. How have you seen God work through delay?
  3. Do you find it comforting that God’s “no” to you maybe God’s “yes” to someone else?
  4.  How is God currently calling you to trust Him through delay and disappointment?


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